What are benefits of a commercial grade vacuum blender?

For solving issue of “nutrition reserving”, Shanice blender, has developed vacuum technology to provide a perfect solution, which can save lots of vitamin C.

Nowadays, with pursuit to quality life, more and more people just follow up healthier and more nutritious recipes. Multifunctional, fast speed, retain dietary fiber from produce that are necessary for your body…such advantages have enabled high performance blenders become popular and welcomed by customers day by day. 

Model E9 vacuum blenderjuice

Meanwhile, the main issue with traditional high performance blender is: it blends foods with very fast speed thousands of times, which cause decreasing mass nutritional value from a fresh vegetables fruits drinks.

Why? It is because of oxidization.

The loss of nutritional value


Discoloration is visible to eye observation during oxidation course which happen due to juice or smoothie’s contact with oxygen, also Phenol oxidase inside plan cells to be released. Of course oxidation is not a course of discoloration only, but the most obvious feature is causing loss of nutritional value.

Currently traditional high performance blender, satisfy great benefits of multifunctional and fast speed acquiring intended smoothie juice, still, it need to solve issue of “nutrition reserving”. For it, Shanice blender, has developed vacuum technology to provide a perfect solution.

Shanice’s vacuum locking technology

What is vacuum? In authoritative determination, the meaning of vacuum refers to the state of gas below one atmospheric pressure in a given space, which is a physical phenomenon. In fact, in vacuum technology, the vacuum system is for the atmosphere. In a specific space, some of the material is discharged so that its pressure is less than a standard atmospheric pressure, then this space is called a vacuum or vacuum state. Vacuum is the extraction of all the elements in the air that may cause oxidation reactions, such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and noble gases.


Honored by the government as “Hi-Tech Enterprise” , Foshan Shanice Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd, make sure Innovative quality has always been applied to the development and production process of each of its products. After thousands of tests and studies, the nutritional comparison of hundreds of blenders at home and abroad, Shanice innovatively uses "vacuum locking technology" on high performance blender products.

Our model E9 vacuum bar blenders, with built in strong vacuum pump up to 80mPA, takes about 15-40 seconds (subject to scale of ingredients) to remove air out of mixing container, thus creating a vacuum status prior to blending job.

Vitamin C of smoothie or juice from model E9 vacuum bar blenders, are reserved as 1.4 times amount of that comes from traditional non-vacuum blending, maximize nutritional value reserving.

Also, under the antioxidant effect of polyphenols, the color of the juice is bright and the taste is smoother.

Model E9 vacuum blender’s other features

Aside from benefits from vacuum blending, model E9 is driven by an industrial grade motor, creating up to 2200w (3HP) strong power, integrated working with specially designed wide- blades, easily handle with all kinds of hard ingredients including ices, root vegetable like carrots, broccoli…to achieve smooth drinks for serving your healthy life.

Model E9 vacuum blender, also equipped in a sound enclosure cover, made in polycarbonate thickness up to 9mm, which outperforming most models in the markets, reduce noise level to be around 70dB – as a comparison, working noise of most of high performance blender models in business are around 85dB.

With our excellent model E9 vacuum blender, you are good to go to create juice with fiber or healthy smoothies!