Vertical lift machines with a Compact Lift offer a number of benefits to their users

accelerated rate of harvestingThe operation of a Compact Lift is based on the concept of moving goods to the operator, as opposed to moving the operator to the goods (also known as man-to-goods)

accelerated rate of harvesting

The operation of a Compact Lift is based on the concept of moving goods to the operator, as opposed to moving the operator to the goods (also known as man-to-goods). The item that was chosen is delivered to the operator on a tray that is situated in the handling opening. While the item is being removed from the lift, the lift is already moving to the next location, so there is very little time spent waiting. In general, an operator of a Compact Lift system is capable of completing up to four times as many picks in the same amount of time as they would in a conventional warehouse configuration. In addition to this, there is a 99.9% reduction in picking errors!

Saves space

Your items will be stacked in a safe and sound manner with Compact Lift. Each vertical lift machine has been customized to make the most efficient use of the space that is available. When compared to conventional shelf racking, this can save you up to ninety percent of the floor space.

Better ergonomics

When items are stored in a Compact Lift, the right item is quickly sent to the operator on a tray that is positioned at a comfortable working height. This makes the operator's job much easier. It is not necessary for anyone to search through multiple banks of shelving in order to find and select items. When compared to a conventional warehouse, this results in significant time and labor savings. It doesn't take long for the significantly improved ergonomics and decreased load that the system makes possible to be reflected in lower levels of absence due to illness or injury.

Versatile storage

The Compact Lift system allows for customization based on the nature of the items that are going to be stored. Everything from tiny components and screws to pipes, large plates, and various parts of machines, with a maximum combined weight of 1.5 tons per loading tray. Everything is stored in a way that is both efficient and secure, and the authorized operator is the only one who can access it.

Operation that can be relied on

Vertical lift machines from Compact Lift are renowned for their dependability. Gear racks that extend the entire height of the vertical lift machine are utilized, in addition to gears that work in conjunction with one another to power the lift mechanism. Everything functions at a high rate of speed, and the control systems for the vertical storage lift have been tried and tested and can be relied upon.

Quick Return on Investment (also known as ROI)

Quite a few of our clients have expressed to us their pleasant surprise at how quickly the money they spent on a Compact Lift was returned to them. It is not unusual for one of our customers to have made a profit on their initial investment within the first year of working with us. Please get in touch with our sales staff so that we can provide you with a quote for your project.

Sweden is the country of origin for the vertical lift machines produced by Compact Lift.

The one-of-a-kind idea for vertical lift machines that Wetland Solutions came up with is founded on cutting-edge technology that has been put through its paces since 1999. Each and every model of the Compact Lift is propelled by four gears that rotate within homogenous gear racks. Because of this, the movement of the load tray is very stable, and it also allows for precise positioning. As a result of the lower level of wear, the requirement for maintenance is cut down, and the operational reliability is increased.

A flexible design

Because of its design, Compact Lift is a system that is very flexible. The fact that it comes in a variety of sizes and models makes it suitable for use in any kind of location, and the fact that it is a flexible system means that you can achieve the best possible storage logistics using it. The solution also provides you with safe and secure storage, as it restricts access to the stored items so that only authorized personnel can retrieve them.

Inventory control that is finely tuned

We will produce a proposal in collaboration with your company or production that will deliver the stock management and picking method that is both the most efficient and the most cost-effective. The number of items, their size and weight, as well as the size and ceiling height of the premises in which the vertical lifting machines are to be located, are all factors that we take into consideration when customizing our vertical lifting machines. No matter the circumstances, our solution makes significant space savings in the warehouse and ensures that the goods are handled in a way that is rational, secure, and ergonomically sound.